Blue Exorcist Gets A PSP Game This Fall: Promotional Video Streamed.


Bandai Namco Games’ official website for Blue Exorcist began streaming a promo video for the upcoming game on Sunday. I found a YouTube stream (on the bottom of the post) for the game Blue Exorcist: Phantom Labyrinth (Ao no Exorcist: Genkoku no Labyrinth). 

The “exorcist x kizuna (bonds) adventure” game was announced in June. In the game, the player will be able to switch between playing as the characters Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura. The game will also feature an original story.

If you haven’t seen Blue Exorcist yet, you can check it out on Hulu, ANN, Crunchyroll, and Viz Anime courtesy of Aniplex of America (and I do recommend you watch it). The story focuses on Rin Okumura, a boy raised by a famous exorcist named Father Fujimoto. After an argument between the two, Rin discovers he is the son of Satan. Rin decides to fight his fate by joining the True Cross Academy to become an exorcist and defeat demons.


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