“Skyrim” Brings Us Even More Plots Twists – Vampires!


If you are not big on spoiler or even trying to avoid any big details on the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim then this would be a time you want to look away. For awhile now, fans have been wondering whether vampires and werewolves would be returning or not and of so, how different they would be this time around.  Bethesda has official confirmed that Skyrim will allow a player to become a vampire if they so wish to be, thus making the plot much more dense than it already is.

Director Todd Howard has cleared up the mystery and explains exactly how to option of becoming a vampire will be introduced and what new gameplay mechanics will come as a result.  At PAX Prime 2011, Howard gave the exclusive to G4TV:

“We are revealing that you can play a vampire in the game. So there are vampires, and some people have seen them and run into them. But you can contract that disease, and if you wait long enough you’ll become a vampire, and that’s a whole other mode of playing the game” 

“There are various levels of being a vampire, the sun will affect you more the more powerful you get, and you can sort of control your vampirism by feeding on people when they’re sleeping. You can sort of, you know, live the life as a vampire in Skyrim, and kill dragons as a vampire.”

Fans everywhere should be glad to hear that vampires are back once again since their success in Oblivion, but a relief to hear Howard imply that the transition will be a choice made by the player, not a plot twist.  Of course, Bethesda has always been good about leaving the choice up to the players, especially since the confirmation of intra-species marriage.  As for how many levels or skills will be possible to those who want the taste for blood, we are still unsure, but the possibilities and changes that the vampires make to the game are just too exciting.


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