Lytherus’ Weekend Web: Burning Man Disco Daleks, FPS Cover Stereotypes, The Earth According to Movies, and More!


The weekend can often be slow and dull in the news world, so what better of a way to occupy our time with fascinating reads from around the web? Lytherus’ new weekly column, the Weekend Web, will explore and poke fun at some of the week’s more interesting, quirky, or exciting stories that just didn’t quite make the news cut! We promise to keep them within the realms of fantasy, scifi, and horror — but we can’t promise they won’t be odd.


9 Vampire Movies That Ruined the Genre

Many argue that Twilight has ruined the vampire genre as we know it — few on this website will deny that. The E-Advisor blog has taken a look at nine movies which they feel have ruined the vampire genre as we know it… but did the genre really have a solid base to be ruined? Topping the list, of course, is Twilight. Other famous vampire flicks including Vampire in Brooklyn, Vampire 3000, and Queen of the Damned are sprinkled throughout. Surprisingly, Underworld made their list… a decision which we disagree with. The film franchise started out well and slowly went down-hill, but the upcoming sequel/reboot seems to hold some promise. And perhaps the author should have considered extending the list to ten so that The Vampire’s Assistant could have been included…


How to Turn Your PC Into a Retro Gaming Arcade

Lifehacker has an interesting guide for the retro-hearted gamers: how to turn your PC into a retro gaming machine! Many miss the days of retro gaming (though we do feel that nostalgia plays a significant role in the clouded belief that all old games are better than what we see these days), and this handy guide offers many unique ways to transform your modern gaming machine into a retro arcade! Gather your NES, Sega Genesis, and Playstation… this is going to be a bumpy ride!


Ghosts with Sh*t Jobs

Filmmaker Jim Munroe has been heart at work on his upcoming faux-documentary, Ghosts with Sh*t Jobs, which shows life in North America after the United States faults and declares bankruptcy. “In 2038, jobs still suck — but in whole new ways. The economic collapse of the west is complete and North Americans are a cheap labour pool for wealthy Asian and Indian markets. A Chinese documentary show focuses on these unlucky enough to have been born in the slums of Toronto in a special report that translates as ‘Ghosts With Sh*t Jobs’.” A trailer for the faux-documentary, said to be hitting the web in October, has been released — and it’s a humorous (yet possibly scary?) look at the filmmaker’s vision of our future:


What’s the Deal With FPS Game Covers?

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Reddit user joepmeneer offered the internet an interesting look at a recent trend in FPS video game covers: they tend to feature a male character in the same pose, carrying a weapon, and and either standing or walking in the same poses. Lack of creativity on the developers part or is there just not much they can do with an FPS cover?

More users on Reddit suggested alternatives to the stereotypical FPS covers, which included original covers from games such as Borderlands, Killing Floor, Resistance – Fall of Man, and the original DOOM.



The Future According to Movies (And a Few TV Shows)

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Imagine if our future, starting with 2012, was dictated by its depictions in futuristic scifi/horror/apocalypse films. Scary, right? Well, one designer (@TremulantDesign on Twitter) took it upon himself to create a timeline of Earth’s future based on what we’ve seen in popular films (and a few TV shows) over the past several decades. The infographic begins with 2012 (information gathered from “2012” and “I Am Legend”, both of which take place in 2012) and ends with Red Dwarf in the year 3,001,988. Noticeably missing? Doctor Who! The Doctor has given us incredibly glimpses into the Earth’s future. Either way, the infographic is an incredibly interesting read and a scary look at the world’s future if determined by crazed sci-fi screenplay writers.


Daleks and a Steampunk Robot Octopus Invade Burning Man 2011

The annual Burning Man festival was held in Black Rock desert last week ending on Labor Day, and as usual, participants built and brought many interesting sculptures and vehicles which have since made their way onto Youtube. What is Burning Man? Wikipedia has the answer: The event takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening. The event is described by many participants as an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance.

This year’s festival had two show-stoppers in attendance: a steampunk robot octopus (awesome!) and a giant motorized disco-Dalek. Words cannot properly convey our excitement!

The Weekend Web is a summary of the past week’s most interesting and unique stories that didn’t quite make it on their own. From articles to videos, Lytherus has you covered on the quirky and bizarre in our weekly round-up available on Saturdays!


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