X-Men Regenesis – Let the team reveals end! Complete teams now revealed!


Yikes! I fell a bit behind (out of town, I apologize). But as of this morning all the shadows have been replaced with characters and the sides of the Schism split have been determined. Check out the complete Blue and Gold teams now:


Wow. Definitely some surprises here. First off … ummm Psylocke? You already chose a team, girlfriend. Do I smell a double agent in our midst? Double agent for which side though? Personally, I would guess she’s staying true to X-force and Wolverine, but Schism has been full of surprises so who knows.

Perhaps even more shocking is Kid Omega. Aside from the general *sigh* that we will have to read his annoying voice issue after issue, this could get interesting. Certainly not where I would have thought Quinten would end up. And I don’t see many of the members of Wolverine and the X-men putting up with his crap.

Also sporting the Wolverine and the X-men jackets will be Beast (yay he’s an X-man again!) and Idie. As Idie is Wolverine’s new female teenage project of the day (move over Armor), this is perhaps less of a shocker than first appears, though I could have easily seen her going towards Hope’s team as well.

X-men Legacy gains the powerful mind of Marvel Girl (should be all kinds of awesome), and X-Factor is relatively stable in that it re-accepts traditional members Polaris, Madrox, Strong Guy, and Banshee (the superhero previously known as Siryn).

Now for Cylcops’s teams:




Generation Hope will be keeping Zero (Kenji Uedo), wrapping up that team. Domino leaves Wolverine’s side (er … bed. Is that still going on?) to join up with the X-men team (I’m going to start calling it the adjectiveless X-men title. This is getting confusing). And Doug and Magma have been revealed to be sticking with the New Mutants. Of course that begs the question, where are Cannonball and Karma? They aren’t even listed in any of these teams.

Now that all the characters have chosen their sides, it’s time to start asking yourself: which side am I on? Marvel has made readers a proposition – choose your side.

Personally, I’m not sure – I suppose I’m leaning towards Wolverine’s side of things due to both the plot development in Schism as well as the characters on each team. Wolverine has the majority of my favorites (Kitty Pryde, AOA Nightcrawler, Beast, Rogue, Gambit, Marvel Girl etc…)

 Cyclops having his hands on the New Mutants really throws me off though. (I’ll totally trade X-Factor for New Mutants. Any takers out there in the Marvel corp?)

 What do you guys think? Any strong alliances out there in the audience yet? Where do most of your favorite characters lie?


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