2nd Trailer For The Independent Anime, Midori-Ko


Cinema Today has begun streaming the second trailer for Keita Kurosaka’s independent anime film Midori-ko on Wednesday. The trailer was also posted last month on the film’s official website. After premiering in various international film festivals last year and this year; the 55-minute film will open in Tokyo on September 24.

The site introduces the story as follows:

In anticipation of the coming food crisis, five scientists are working to develop a “dream food,” one that is both meat and vegetable. But, progress in the laboratory, located amidst a derelict shopping district, has hit a dead end. One day, in the wee hours of the night, a pillar of light penetrates the lab. This is the light of a special starry sky that graces the Earth only once every ten thousand years. The scientists are overjoyed at what the light’s tremendous force has produced: the dream food that is Midori-ko.

It took Kurosaka a decade drawing the pencil sketches that make up this 55-minute film by hand. He has also brought us the “Agitated Scream of Maggots” music video for Dir en grey and a segment of the 2003 collaborative work Winter Days. Hiromichi Sakamoto directed the music video for Midori-ko.


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