Minecraft’s “Adventure Update” (1.8) Trailer is Here, Brings Game-Changing Additions!


Team Mojang has released the official trailer for its latest patch (patch 1.8), ushering in the hugely anticipated Adventure Update. The latest Minecraft update brings a huge selection of new and revised features, including NPC Villages, new mob loot, ravines, rivers, large bodies of water (oceans), new farming abilities (finally farm pumpkins!), the ability to sprint, new bow combat, vines, spiderweb, and… the Endermen.

The Endermen are the latest mess-with-your-mind mob born out of Mojang. The Endermen are lanky black humanoids who, when stared at, will lock on to you… and sprint/teleport in your direction, terrifying you, before slowly killing you.

Check out the trailer:

As a long-time Minecraft player (since alpha), I can safely say that this is chalking up to be the best Minecraft update to date. And with their official launch date looming (early November), we can bet we’ll be seeing even more from Team Mojang in the near future!


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