X-Men: Regenesis – Let the Team Reveals Continue (Release #4)


Time to scoot back to Wolverine’s side of the Schism for this next installment of unveilings. If you haven’t seen the previous releases in order, feel free to go back and check them out. You will find all you need in this post as well as release #3, which focused on Cyclops’s team.



Shock value award goes to … yeah, probably Toad. What the heck is he doing there? And I can’t even tell if he’s on X-Force or Wolverine and the X-men. The other shocker, though not really, is Kitty Pryde. The shock doesn’t derive from her choosing to be on Wolverine’s side – it is because Colossus (aka the new Juggernaut) is in Uncanny X-Men with Cyclops and Emma. This makes Kitty/Colossus fans very worried. (Ok, maybe it just makes me VERY WORRIED). The others could have been predicted. Gambit and Frenzy will be sticking in Legacy. Rictor (I think that’s Rictor) and M will be in X-Factor.


Stay tuned. Marvel keeps pounding out these releases for us eagerly awaiting fans.


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