Doctor Who: “Night Terrors” Will Take You To The Scariest Place In The Universe


Possible spoilers ahead!

“You see these eyes? They’re old eyes. And one thing I can tell you… monsters are real!”

It turns out that the most terrifying place in the universe is… a child’s bedroom. Written by Mark Gatiss, “Night Terrors” takes us on a journey to little George’s bedroom. George is terrified of pretty much everything, and the Doctor receives a message from the boy on his psychic paper, to help him to get rid of the monsters. It seems that the source of all troubles is the cupboard in George’s room, where he “hides” all his fears. However, George is not exactly without secrets himself. Eventually, Amy and Rory, and later the Doctor and George’s father are pulled into the cupboard, where George’s fears materialize themselves. Will George be able to face the things that terrify him?

Once inside the cupboard, things get quite strange and the atmosphere matches it all. The life-size walking dolls are perfectly creepy, especially when you hear their laugh in the distance. Personally, I’m not a fan of any sort of creepy dolls, so to me they worked fine as the villains of the story. But what I found really memorable were the poignant scenes between George and his father toward the end and how humane the story turned out to be.



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