X-Men Regenesis – Let the Team Reveals Continue (Release #3)


Today’s unshadowing involves Scott’s Blue team once again. Over the past few days, Marvel has made a painfully slow process of unveiling the team rosters. We’ve had a few surprises here and there in reveal posts one and two. Check out update #3 in this evolutionary process:


¬†Shock-value winner of the day? Absolutely Warpath, who is apparently switching from his tride and true position on X-Force for a slot on the X-Men team. Other than that, though, this was pretty predictable. Sunspot and Warlock will stick with what they know on the New Mutants. And Hope (who obviously had to be in her own title) will be joined by Garbiel Cohuelo (Velocidad. Yeah, that’s his name. Velocidad. Kids these days…)

Keep in mind that the uncanny X-men team was fully revealed in a seperate spoiler peek last week, which I included in the first of this series of posts.

More tomorrow? Guess we’ll find out!


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