Brand New ‘Mass Effect 3’ Screenshots Hit The Web!


Mass Effect 3 has quite a bit on their plate lately, especially when BioWare is trying their best to keep the excitement for the game building when the game is still half a year from releasing. The combat in this game is definitely the star, with numerous trailers to prove that.  However, combat is really only one part of the series that remains committed to offering a compelling narrative, so it is a nice breath of fresh air to see some familiar faces and cool science fiction flourishes.

Take a look at some recognizable characters, including the new looks of Garrus.

It is funny to note (and probably completely unintentional) that Garrus is secretly a Lakers fan with his purple and yellow armor.  It is also cool that the Inferno Ammo indicator is projected off of Shepard’s weapon. Hopefully, this is a sign of more tweaks to the cosmetics of the game are to come.



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