Doctor Who Is Back! “Let’s Kill Hitler” Is One Roller Coaster Of An Episode


Possible spoilers ahead!

The long summer wait is finally over for all the Doctor Who fans, as the search for Melody Pond picks up in “Let’s Kill Hitler”, a brand new episode that premiered on Saturday. Written by Steven Moffat, the eighth episode of season 6 has it all: time travel, River Song, shape-shifting robot…. and Hitler.

The episode pulls you in right away, with Amy’s and Rory’s wild car ride through the crop field to the place where they are supposed to meet with the Doctor. Then something unexpected happens – Mels, Amy’s childhood friend, makes a dramatic appearance, which then results in all of them traveling in the TARDIS to 1938 Germany and unintentionally saving Hitler from being attacked by a shape-shifting robot. This robot is operated by a miniaturised human crew inside of it, which passes judgement on the worst criminals against humanity as they near the end of their timelines.

I particularly enjoyed the flashback sequences from Amy’s childhood and teenage years, showing her, Mels and Rory growing up together, and also, how Amy and Rory got together. However, as the story progresses, it is revealed that Mels is not exactly what everyone thinks she is. The episode is full of action, some pretty hilarious moments, and some poignant and touching scenes (including Doctor’s almost-death experience). It is also great to see Rory in action in this episode.

While we learn a significant new piece of information about River, the episode leaves more questions than answers, and opens the door for many more new possibilities for the story to develop.

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