X-Men: Regenesis – Let the Team Reveals Begin! *SPOILERS*


Gold or Blue? Have you chosen yet?

So far, we pretty much know the titles we are working with, a gold and blue team (just like the good ‘ol days). We have Wolverine’s Gold team which will include the following titles and (thus far) characters:



And then we have Cyclop’s Blue team, for which some reveals have been made as of today. Prior to this point we were aware that sides had been chosen to stand beside Scott Summers by: Emma (of course) Sebastian Shaw (say wha?), Jubilee (and honest surprise on that one), and Nate Grey (who for some reason appears to be leading the New Mutants). But check out today’s updates to the teams:


Say hello to Storm, Magik, and apparently Colossus all sticking with their long-time leader.  Of course this cover was released slightly after an even more revealing ‘un-shadowing’ on Friday:


 Stay tuned for more X-team updates!

Hmmm. Well, don’t look at me. I really thought from those hints at Comic-Con that Cyclops was going to kick the bucket. Perhaps its just that Emma has taken charge of things…


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