First Footage From “The Hunger Games” To Air During MTV VMAs, Lionsgate Announces


Lionsgate — the studio behind the hugely anticipated “Hunger Games” film adaptation — has announced that the first bit of footage from the upcoming film will release during MTV’s Video Music Awards. The award show airs this Sunday (August 28th) at 9pm EST.

We’re unsure as to the nature of the footage being shown. At this point, the reveal could range from a brief movie scene to a teaser or full-length movie trailer. Keep in mind, Hunger Games hits theaters in March 2012, so promotion for the film should be ramping up soon.

We’ve seen a fairly large amount of photos release over the past month and filming has been on-going for quite some time now. It wouldn’t be too much to assume that the studio has prepared its first teaser trailer for the movie.

We’ll be sure to post about the trailer and include video as soon as it hits the web this Sunday!


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