Another Comic Movie Jumps into the Fray: “Danger Girl” Being Shopped


We’ve seen an incredible amount of comic-to-movie adaptations over the past few years, and many of them have been successful. X-Men, X-Men Origins, Batman, Spider-man, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America — just to name a few. There’s an incredible amount of buzz going around over in-production comic movies, which has led audiences and movie studios alike to risk more on new comic movies.

Hitting the rumor mill early this week was word of a “Danger Girl” film adaptation. The company who now owns the rights to a Danger Girl movie — BenderSpink — is confirming that they do in fact own the rights and they are indeed shopping it around to Hollywood studios.

More rumors were floating around about big-name actresses attached to the film, but digging has revealed those rumors to be false. At this point in time, no names are known to be attached to the film — and BenderSpink is keeping their mouth shut.

All we know of the film is its supposed shopping discription:

“A beautiful adventuress joins forces with an all-female spy agency as they race around the world to recover a trio of powerful relics.”

Here’s a description of the original volume of Danger Girl comics:

“This original series, illustrated and co-written by J. Scott Campbell, follows the adventures of newcomer Abbey Chase as she joins the Danger Girls to face the evil neo-Axis group known as the Hammer. The plot include endless double crosses and fast-paced battles against spectacular villains such as the mysterious Major Maxim.”

Do you think Hollywood is ready for another comic adaptation, or do they need to gain some creativity and consider greenlighting some original content?


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