Aliens: Colonial Marines Debut Trailer Revealed!


Before there was Avatar, Director James Cameron gave us one of the greatest sci-fi/actions films ever – Aliens. Gearbox Software has since been working on a video game based off that film.  Their goal was to make sure gamers will experience the same kind on tension and terror they may have felt while watching Aliens and Alien 3 for the first time.  They may have accomplished their goal – in the form of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

We are lucky enough to now see the first debut trailer of Aliens: Colonial Marines.  It features exactly what we expect to see in an Alien based game – confused and stranded marines who are inevitably picked off and devoured like fleshy little treats.  The game appears to have a plethora of head-biting and green alien blood to go around.

If you are wanting to see some awesome alien action, check it out below:



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