Amazing Short Film Based Off The Very Popular Valve Title “Portal” – A MUST See!



The guys over at Totally Rad Show have given us a sneak peek of some of their work at Comic-Con 2011.  They even teased us on what was to come. Today is the day that they release their work of art. Directed by TRS’ own Dan Trachtenbeg is a jaw-dropping, Portal-inspired, short film with plenty of surprises packed in.  We do not want ruin anything, so watch the video titled Portal: No Escape and then read on.

This was planned even before the release of Portal 2 due to tremendous fanfare and very high reviews. We all know that the ability to make awesome films based off any good is a contanst struggle, but in the right hands, it can be done – this is your proof.

What the future holds for’s Portal piece we do not know, but we hope that there is more both from Dan and this Portal world.

What do you think of Portal: No Escape? Would you like to see more short films set within the world of Portal?


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