New Sneak Peak at Nightwing Artwork in Upcoming New 52


So first he was Robin. Then he was Nightwing. Then, for a little while, he was Batman. As the DC world tosses and tumbles its way into the New 52 series’ beginnings, Dick Grayson is going back the the hero persona that he made for himself. He rocked at being Batman, but deep down, Dick¬†Grayson will always be Nightwing. In answer to some skepticism on why the character is stepping back a notch (or so it appeared) in the New 52, Nightwing artist Kyle Higgins released the following photos on facebook. Nightwing’s never looked better! The pictures also include the new villain, Saiko, who will be the first enemy to Dick Grayson upon his return to his Nightwing persona. Finally, take a look at Road Rage’s new style.




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