Pixar Announces and Teases Two New Films — Dinosaurs and the Human Mind!


The internet is abuzz with the latest Pixar news out of this year’s Disney’s D23 Expo: Pixar has officially announced two new films! The details remain scarce, but the Pixar panelists did reveal the big names behind each project as well as their basic premises. It’s a bit too soon to judge, but judging by Pixar’s near-flawless track record, we’re sure they’ll be hits!


The first of the two films has two big names: Bob Peterson (director) and Bob Walker (producer). This film is said to explore “what would have happened had the asteroid that scientists believe hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs, instead missed and allowed the species to move forward.” Pixar is aiming for a late-2013 release on this film.

“Human Mind”

The second of the two films is even more mysterious — all we know is that it will “take place within the human mind/brain”. The film has a few key “Up” crew attached, so we may know which direction the movie will head in. Peter Docter will lead the project, and Jonas Rivera will join as a producer. Pixar is aiming to get this film into theaters in May 2014.

We’ve got quite some time to wait for both films. Are you excited for either? What storyline could you see Pixar exploring within the human mind?

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