New Pics and Video From “Avengers” Set Show Thor and Captain America Looking Worse for Wear


The Avengers set photos and videos have been hitting the web faster than we can keep up with — but this latest set is an incredibly interesting glimpse at two of the Avengers fighting their way through crowds of motion capture weapon-wielders… and we can only guess those will be the alien forces rumored to be in the movie. After all, their weapons look a bit other-worldly, and it’s unlikely they’d need motion capture if the subjects were human.

The new photos show a fight scene featuring Captain America and Thor facing off against these motion-capture bad guys. The fight scene appears to follow Captain America being pushed out of a window (either by a bad guy or by an explosion… the pictures point to explosion) and falling onto a car. By the time he and Thor meet up, he’s looking pretty bruised and broken — and defenseless. However, judging by the look on Thor’s face and the way he’s swinging that hammer, we think he’s got it covered!

[cincopa AIHA2uaas8OV]

As always, Youtube sleuths have uploaded a set of videos showing different angles of the scenes mentioned above:

What do you think of the latest pictures from “The Avengers”? Is your excitement for the film growing?


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