Photos and Video from “Avengers” Filming Reveal an Exploding NYC


New photos and videos from the filming of The Avengers in Cleveland, OH have surfaced showing some pretty kick-ass explosions in addition to our first glimpse of Captain America (Chris Evans) walking around during several scenes! The set in Cleveland was built to resemble NYC — Madison Avenue and NYC, allowing the Avengers crew to destroy buildings and blow up streets as they please. The crew will continue filming in Cleveland through the end of August before heading to the real Big Apple to film for several days.

Cleveland’s Fox 8 had reporters and a film crew at the set and captured several scenes in progress, explosions, and interviews with film extras and bystanders:

Splash News also had crew on the scene who managed to capture a great view of the explosions. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the film’s directors narrating the scene in the background:

We also have a great gallery of stills from the filming to share with you, which show some fantastic shots of the explosions and their aftermath:

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