BBC Releases Video Prequel for Doctor Who Return in “Let’s Kill Hitler”


The BBC has released a video prequel to the first episode of the second half of Doctor Who series six: “Let’s Kill Hitler”! The prequel video is an emotion-grabbing two minute introduction to the series’ second half featuring a look at the inside of the TARDIS while Amy leaves a message on the Doctor’s answering machine asking the question we’ve all been wondering: “You said you’d find my baby. You said you’d find Melody. Have you found her?”

True to their ability to intertwine emotion and comedy, the Doctor Who writers give fans a few reasons to chuckle during the prequel: the Doctor’s answering machine recording is rather hilarious, as is Amy’s attempt at convincing the Doctor that her message is on the answering machine he doesn’t know he has: “Don’t get confused, I’m not invisible or trapped in a space bottle!”

Doctor Who is set to return on August 27th. Are you ready?


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