Possible DotA 2 Screenshots Revealed? You Be The Judge!


As we all know, Valve has been working on their precious DotA 2 for awhile now and they have been very quiet about it.  So, it is hard to say whether these screenshots are legitimate or not.  Regardless, they look quite awesome!

We’ll know for certain how legit these screens are next week. Valve isn’t playing around when it comes to the reveal; it’ll be featured in a 16-team tournament, with a million bucks going to the winners.

[cincopa AkJA_v61bIRq]

I am not quite sure about you, but with screenshots like this, it is hard for me not to be excited.  After all, I am a huge fan of this genre (as you can tell by my 1000+ games into League of Legends).  DotA 2 has been teased for so long, it is finally nice to see some light being shed on the game.


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