Incredible Close-Up and Filming Views of the Batwing from “Dark Knight Rises”


Nolan and company have not had much luck when it comes to the privacy of their shoots. We’ve seen leak after leak of full scenes and images onto the web after being shot by set onlookers. However, Nolan may not be too upset: the amount of buzz that these leaks have generated is insane, to say the least. This week’s topic of buzz: the Batwing.

Dedicated fans have returned from The Dark Knight Rises filming with incredible new videos and photos revealing the Batwing during filming takes as Batman rides shotgun, as well as close-ups of the Batwing being assembled and transported around the sets. The newest close-up video offers an incredibly detailed look at the Batwing up close and from below.

Batman and the Batwing film scenes in the streets of “downtown Gotham” show the Batwing flying down streets:

Close-up view of the Batwing’s front and underbelly:

We also have a gallery of photos recently posted on TMZ which show a few new glimpses of the Batwing, including its assembly and moving parts:

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Critics are arguing that the Batwing “doesn’t fit into the universe that Nolan has created for Batman”. Do you agree? Disagree?


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