Bleach: Fade To Black, Coming To DVD In November!


Bleach: Fade to Black (Kimi no Na o Yobu), the third Bleach film, will be released in North America on November 15. Viz Media will release both Blu-ray and DVD copies. For Blu-ray, the movie will sell for $24.98, and for DVD, $19.98.

Whether or not you have seen Fade to Black yet, it is worth buying. It takes place in the Soul Society after a mysterious particle explodes from the center of the Seireitei. Upon investigating this anomaly, Ichigo finds that the shinigami no longer remember him and Rukia has gone missing.

The original run of the film was in Japan in 2008, preceding the fourth film Bleach: Jihoku-hen(Hell Chapter) which released in 2010. While the fourth film has not yet been licensed in North America, the first, second, and now third are licensed via Viz.



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