Step Aside, Pottermore: Twimore Has Arrived, Bringing With It… “Erupting Star”


Watching Twimore unfold has been an experience akin to having a front-row seat at a viral-sensation party. This website — a Twilight-themed Pottermore — absolutely blew up in a matter of hours.

Created by Youtube celebrity and fantasy author Kaleb Nation, Twimore was an attempt to parody the recent success of J K Rowling’s “Pottermore”, an interactive digital read-through experience of the Harry Potter novels.

Fans visiting are met with a video featuring Kaleb Nation, in character as a representative of Twilight author Stephanie Meyer. Nation introduces viewers to Twimore:

“[A]n online reading experience unlike any other.  It’s the same story with a few crucial additions, the most important being Edward Cullen’s real-life brother, Bosworth, an immortal scientist who brewed a potion giving Edward Cullen the ability to father children… among other things.”

The video features several friendly jabs at the series and its fans. But before Twilight fans get up in arms over the parody, remember: Kaleb Nation was a Twilight internet celebrity in his own right during the two years he spent blogging on, where he read through the series and blogged about the series from a male perspective.

The video has since received over 100,000 views. The Twimore website has received tens of thousands of Facebook “likes” and hundreds of thousands of visits since its launch last week.

Adding to the hype, Twimore has released an “official excerpt” from Erupting Star, the parody book featured on Twimore. The teaser reads:

Read the never-before-seen story of Bosworth Cullen, the immortal scientist brother of Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black’s long-lost sister. In this thrilling sequel, you will discover the TRUE meaning of eternal forbidden love.

Curious to know what the new book is all about? You can now read an excerpt on Twimore!


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