Comic-Con 2011: A Summary of All of Our Coverage!


Comic-Con is well over — sitting a good two weeks in our rear-view mirror. Our coverage wasn’t fully finished until last week, when we published our final Comic-Con articles and called it a year. Although Comic-Con is now past, we wanted to be sure to share a summary of our plethora of convention coverage with our readers in case any was missed in the insane and exciting pile of news that is “Comic-Con”!

What is Comic-Con? Comic-Con is the largest annual pop-culture convention in the world, bringing together the biggest (and smallest) players in the book, movie, television, comics, anime, video games, and cosplaying worlds. It’s where some of the largest fantasy, scifi, and horror content producers come to show off their old stuff, introduce new things, and interact with fans on a personal level. It’s home to a large portion of the year’s most exciting news and entertainment.

Lytherus was on hand for the five day event to report back with up-to-the-minute coverage. We were also invited to shadow Christopher Paolini, acclaimed author of the Inheritance Cycle, as he promoted his fourth and final novel — Inheritance — at the 2011 Comic-Con.

Christopher Paolini at Comic-Con 2011


Lytherus Bloggers’ Reports from the Show Floor!


Lytherus Bloggers’ Panel Coverage


Breaking News from Comic-Con 2011


Image Galleries from Comic-Con 2011

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