Pottermore Welcome Emails Go Out — But Just a Tease


Thousands of fans were delighted upon receiving a “welcome email” from Pottermore over the past few days, which began with the words: “You have been selected for early entry into Pottermore!” In other words, this email was simply re-confirming that individuals’ beta accounts had gone through and will be invited to participate in Pottermore “soon”. Why the disappointment?

As we recently reported, fans were told to expect welcome emails allowing them to begin accessing the website “soon”… and many got their hopes up that this email was their official welcome email to Pottermore. It isn’t.

The folks over at Pottermore Insider, the official behind-the-scenes blog for Pottermore, took to their page to update fans on when and how they can expect their welcome emails:

As we mentioned in ourearlier post, we’re staggering access to the Beta site, so you may have to wait a few weeks for your Welcome email to arrive. This second email will let you know that your account has been activated and that you can log in to Pottermore. (Please note that the ‘Sign in to Pottermore’ link has been temporarily removed from the Pottermore site and that it will return when the first early access accounts are enabled.)

No additional information has been made available aside from the fact that fans should expect their invites starting “mid-August”. We’ll continue to keep you posted on welcome emails, and once they have been distributed, will be sure to report on Pottermore and its contents!



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