Bandia’s New Online Trading Card Game: “Cyber One”


The trading card game company Net Carddass and Bandai will release “Cyber One,” an online card game, on October 28

The game takes place in a role-playing game-styled world in the year 2030. Players can create their own avatars, and use cards to summon various creatures to battle others. They can also compete in virtual battle leagues. Basically, there are four “factions” if you will, which are virtual computer-related companies. The player can choose one of the four companies to belong to and fight for. The target age group of Bandai’s game is men in their late teens to 30s.

Booster packs containing three cards can be purchased on October 28 for 315 yen (about $4), or a vending machine booster pack containing two cards for 200 yen (about $2.60). There will be 120 different cards at the launch.

Here’s a trailer for the game:


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