Freddy Krueger Invades The Dreams of Your Favorite Mortal Kombat Fighters Tomorrow!


Back at Comic-Con, Freddy Krueger was announced as the newest playable character for Mortal Kombat, now we have a trailer that gives a brief introduction to Freddy’s storyline along with a quick look at his skills set.

The first issue we see in the new trailer is exactly how Krueger can participate in Mortal Kombat, being the master of the dream world.  As it turns out, Shao Kahn, the Roger Goedell of Mortal Kombat, brought Krueger into the mortal realm just like in the Nightmare on Elm Street films did, by holding onto him during a dream.

The greatest part of the trailer is the iconic theme from the films play out “One…Two… Freddy’s coming for you…”. It may not be very Mortal Kombat like, but it is a perfect pitch for fans that of the horror films.

Sadly, the trailer doesn’t give us a decent look at his fatality, but it does address all the worries that his moveswill only be scratching and clawing. Check it out below:

Krueger is set to haunt your nightmares tomorrow, so if you really want to see how his skills match up with the veteran fighters of Mortal Kombat, you will have that experience first hand.  Until then, try to stay awake.



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