Date Set for Hunger Games Movie Sequel, Catching Fire



So many fans await the Hunger Games movie release on March 23, 2012. It seems that fans will have another wait for them after this first craving is satiated. Lionsgate Entertainment announced the sequel to Hunger Games, Catching Fire, is scheduled for theaters on November 22, 2013. That’s 20 months almost to the day from the first movie. Perhaps in normal movie timelines this isn’t much of a stretch, but in YA time, it is a surprisingly long wait.

The reason that YA books are pushed through their movie series so quickly is obviously due to the normal aging of both audience and actors. Joe Drake, Lionsgate co-Chief Operating Officers didn’t seem worried about this problem because “the stories truly offer something for everyone.” That time period around Thanksgiving is a popular time for movie goers and worth the extra few months wait for the release.

No other information has yet to be revealed about this sequel to Suzanne Collins’ wildly popular series.


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