First Look at Anne Hathaway as “Catwoman”: Dark Knight Rises Costume Revealed!


The team behind The Dark Knight Rises has officially unveiled Catwoman’s (played by Anne Hathaway) costume from the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises!

A few key observations from the new image:

  • Catwoman, or Selina Kyle, is riding a Batpod… but why?
  • Her suit is definitely a bit different — and her mask appears to be quite the high-tech set of goggles!
  • Fans are pointing out that the image and page it was found on are titled “Selina Kyle”, so this costume may be from her pre-Catwoman days

JustJared was able to get their hands on a few more photos of Selina Kyle/Catwoman’s costume from some recent on-set filming (though the actress in the photos is Anne Hathaway’s stunt double):


What do you think of the costume? Why do you think she’s riding the Batpod?



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