Is “Mists of Pandaria” Blizzard’s Next World of Warcraft Expansion?


Looks like a trademark filing may have let a big Blizzard announcement slip months early: Blizzard recently filed for a trademark on “Mists of Pandaria”, assumed to be based off of the long-time fan-favorite Pandaren race, originating from Warcraft 3. The Pandaren are a race of humanoid pandas who are masters of martial arts and alcohol-consumption. They were originally dreamed up by Blizzard visionary “Samwise” and quickly gathered a dedicated fan following among Blizzard’s veteran players.

The trademark filing is curious as it was specifically filed for game trademark status, ruling out a possible book other other items. The timing is curious as it was filed just a few months prior to Blizzcon, Blizzard’s annual company gaming convention. A similar trademark was filed for “Cataclysm” just months before the Blizzcon during which it was announced (in July 2009).

If we’ve learned anything from Blizzard, it’s that they will ignore this leak and rumor as if it didn’t exist at all. Despite the major “Cataclysm” leaks in 2009, we didn’t hear a peep from Blizzard — up until Blizzcon, during which they made jokes about just how much information leaked prior to the announcement.

Will “Mists of Pandaria” really make it as its own expansion? This writer sure hopes so!

Check out the trademark filing:

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