Possible ‘Borderlands 2’ Launching in 2012?


Gearbox’s 2009 co-op-RPG-shooter hybrid Borderlands was definitely huge hit with critics and gamers alike — thanks to to hilarious on-screen antics, fun combat and of course, the addictive RPG leveling.  The game also offered an amazing multiplayer where the casual looters and seasoned vets could play together with ease.

Randy Pitchford, Gearbox’s president stated that they would LOVE to work on more Borderlands content in the future, but because there is no formal announcement, the game doesn’t “technically exist”

“I can tell you that myself and everyone at Gearbox LOVES Borderlands and we have been absolutely thrilled at the reception it’s gotten from our customers and the fact that it’s sold over four million units now. So you can see that we supported the game like mad with lots of great DLC and you can imagine that we’re going to want to do a lot of things with Borderlands in the future. But we’ve only announced what we’ve announced. If we haven’t announced it, it doesn’t exist.”

 Borderlands had so much content and was so massive that is easily became 2009’s sleeper hit.  Many thought that this would be an epic fail of a game because it was released at the same time as Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 – however, because the games appealed to two different audiences, Borderlands seemed to do just fine in my book.  Then, DLC game along and kept the game fresh and lured in more fans. Borderlands 2 is, without a doubt, going to be a very welcoming announcement for fans of the original.  With Gamescom right around the corner, it is becoming more likely that we will be hearing an offical announcement very soon.


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