Bane’s Full Costume From ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Revealed!


There was definitely a huge sigh of relief when it was announced that Tom Hardy would be playing Bane in the final Christopher Nolan Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. If anyone can pull off a proper Bane, it would definitely be the 33-year old British bruiser, who rose to fame with his domineering performance in Bronson.

However, there were still speculations about Hardy’s appearance in the film.  Can he be as impossibly huge and muscular as his comic book counterpart? How can that venom-pumping mas and suit look in the more realistic tone of the Christopher Nolan Batman universe?  Well, here’s how: (courtesy of

A reminder: these are set pics – which basically means that they do not reflect a finished product.  That being said, there are many things to like and dislike about Bane’s look.

If you remember from the comics (and I am sure you do), Bane basically wears a wrestling outfit. Obviously, this type of costume wouldn’t really fit into the realistic world of Nolan’s Batman films, so this makes a very interesting alternative.  According to these shots, it looks like Nolan and his team have gone for a more “military look” for Bane, including an awesome Bomber jacket style coat and body armor.

The costume alone reflects an interpretation of Bane as a militaristic character.  However, the only odd thing about this costume is we still do not know how the venom-system works.  Maybe there is some functionality we are still not seeing yet.  The best bet is that there is something going on behind that coat collar (venom delivery system, perhaps?)

If you look carefully enough in the teaser trailer, you will see bane hulking towards Batman… not wearing his coat.  Could this suggest that when Bane is cracked out on venom, he loses the coat to reveal his massive frame? Only time will tell.


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