Astarotte’s Toy! EX Video Anime’s Promo Streamed


A promotional video of footage from the upcoming EX Blu-ray Disc and DVD began streaming on the YouTube channel for Astarotte’s Toy! The anime’s official blog announced that the volume has been delayed from August 26 to September 7 however. Astarotte’s Toy! is probably a different kind of show you aren’t used to, but it’s pretty funny.

The DVD will feature side stories not shown in the recent anime adaptation of Yui Haga’s¬†original Lotte no Omocha! manga. Crunchyroll has streamed the series outside Japan as it aired so if you want you can watch it there. You can get a box illustrated by Haga for all seven volumes of the series ad well as a special CD and other bonus extras, if you get the limited first edition of the EX volume. Keep in mind I said this show is different… weird… but funny.


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