Nintendo 3DS Price Drop! Very Soon!



I guess this is one way to really push the sales!

Just announced by Nintendo themselves, the price on their newest handheld, the 3DS will be dropping its price to $169.99 on August 12th. ¬†Currently, you can pick this handheld up for $250.00, which we don’t need to point out, is a pretty significant drop in price taking the tech involved and how very recently this handheld was released.

A similar cut will happen in Japan (effective August 11th) taking the system from 25,000 Yen (roughly $317 USD) to 15,000 Yen ($190 USD). ¬†Currently, we do not have the specific price for a corresponding European cute, but Nintendo tells us the price will drop by “about a third.”

So, for those of you on the edge about making the purchase, maybe the price drop will persuade you enough to make the final decision.


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