The Female Variation of Commander Shepard Has Been Chosen… By Fans!


Any die hard fans of Mass Effect 2 have more than likely logged at least one playthrough as the female version of Commander Shepard.  Believe it or not, the female version of the game’s main protagonist has seen much praise, thanks to the wonderful voice acting of Jennifer Hale. The female variation of the character, Mass Effect 3 will be implementing a different design for the “FemShep,” one at which us fans even helped design.  So far, blonde seems to be the popular choice.

There were a total of six FemShep designs that were released by developer BioWare for fan consideration and even a poll as to which model would be making the final cut for Mass Effect 3. Since the voting began, there has been a total of 28,258 votes for the blonde version, with the second place candidate (tanned and dark-haired) receiving 11,476.


However, there are some of you who I am sure have not tried out the female Shepard.  I can definitely say, you will be pleasantly surprised. Jennifer Hale adds an awesome unique take on certain situations and the approach of the character that the male Shepard may lack.  Not to mention, the romances with the FemShep are definitely much more comedic than the seriousness of the male Shepard.


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