Comic-Con 2011: Marvel Updates Summary and Upcoming Titles List

Five for Free on Mondays!

Marvel is offering something special to, as they put it, “help you through your school and work week. Every Monday Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited will be posting newly digitalized comics, five of which will be free to non-subscribers. Even better, these new, free comics will be from recent collections or even comics that have just hit the stores. Marvel has already potsed this and next week’s five free comics:

Week of July 25: 

SPITFIRE (2010) #1

Week of August 1:  


Recoloring of X-Men #1

Did you know that X-Men #1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee is in the Guinness book of World Records as the best-selling comic of all time? 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of this momentus issue and to celebrate, Marvel is giving the cover art (all five cover panels) and inside art a brush-up with a modern recoloring by expert colorist Thomas Mason.

“One part of me is all fanboy about the chance to color the X-MEN and Jim Lee because I’ve always been a big fan of both so that part is exciting,” says Mason. “The other part of me has to keep reminding myself that this is X-MEN #1, the biggest selling comic of all time! Hopefully when it’s all said and done the fans feel like I did the book justice and reacquainted them with an old friend who just got a makeover.” (Thomas Mason)

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From Heroes to Villains for Hire:

This November there will be a switch-up in the series Heroes for Hire, transforming the series, and the characters inside, to a new version titles Villains for Hire. Misty Knight will still be leading the team, but Marvel states that little else will resemble the group readers have come to know as the staple Heroes for Hire.

“Misty is a very honorable but pragmatic woman, very resourceful,” Co-writer Dan Abnett says. “She wouldn’t do this unless it was absolutely necessary…”

Why is Misty hiring villains to do the dirty work now? Apparently the missions are just too risky to put heroes lives on the line. Of course that statement leaves readers wonder, what does THAT mean? At least Marvel is promising that in the new lineup of ‘for hire’ freelancers in Misty’s speed-dile, familiar faces will still be popping in to check up on how the business, and their good friend Misty, is doing.

Cover: The Fearless #1

“Let’s put it this way: you know the phrase ‘set a thief to catch a thief’” Andy Lanning, the other half of the writing team, adds. “There’s going to be more than one team of villains for hire.”

New Titles to expect after Fear Itself:


The Fearless: October 2011. Written by Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn and Chris Yost along with artists Mark Bagley and Paul Pelletier. The Fearless will be a twelve issue, twice per month, arc dealing with the aftermath of Fear Itself.

Cover: Battle Scars #1


Fear Itself: Battle Scars: November 2011. Written by Matt Fraction, Cullen Bunn and Chris Yost along with artist Scot Eaton. Battle Scars will be a six issue limited series introducing a man “in the cross hairs of the world’s most deadly super villains.” ( Who is he? Read to find out!


In addition to the limited series, the title “Battle Scars” will also be the over arcing heading to unite the various series who have been affected by Fear Itself.


Incredible Hulk #1: October, 2011. Written by Jason Aaron with art by Mark Silvestri and Bruce Banner was one of the many to have be toss around by the events of Fear Itself.


Cover: Incredible Hulk #1

“I don’t want to say too much in regards to what Banner’s up to, but I can say it’s a big change in the Hulk/Banner dynamic,” Aaron says. “The typical dynamic for INCREDIBLE HULK is that Banner is a good guy who by accident unleashed a monster he has to fight to control. In this new series, we look at that from a different perspective. If you take these personalities and split them apart into two separate beings, which one really becomes the monster and which one carries the burden becomes a real question. It all comes down to perspective; maybe it’s not The Hulk who’s the big bad guy after all More on

Shattered Heroes: Shattered Heroes will be a series of one shots showing how the events of Fear Itself took their toll on some of Marvels biggest heroes including Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.


Cable Reborn: December, 2011. Cable Reborn will be by Jeph Loeb and McGuinness. Here is the much anticipated return of the X-man of the future, Cable. Not much more is known about the title, such as how it will play into Schism or the events surrounding Hope.


Avengers Origins: November 2011. New series of five original one-shots focusing on the the inner-drive and motiviation within some of the classic Avengers characters.

“We had the idea of developing a line of one-shots as easy entry points to the Avengers, much like we had done with the gorgeous set of X-MEN ORIGINS one-shots,” notes series editor Lauren Sankovitch. “With the upcoming movie and the high profile of the Avengers titles, it seemed a no-brainer to revisit a few of the classic characters in stories that would not only introduce them to a new audience, but be engaging and fresh for our veteran readers.

Shattered Heroes Cover

Shattered Heroes Cover
Cover: Cable Reborn


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