Comic-Con 2011: Marvel Announces New Title, DEFENDERS



Defenders #1 Cover by Terry Dodson

A-list team Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson come together once again in the upcoming Marvel series, Defenders, set to debut in December. This classic Marvel league of heroes will include Doctor Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner, The Silver Surfer, Iron Fist, Red She-Hulk, as well as a rotation of other favorites. The reason for this merging of minds (and fists)? Seems it’s not really by their own choice. Fraction reported that by the end of the first storyline, ‘Black Hulk,’ that all of these characters would be united by a secret that they literally can’t tell to anyone. 

Perhaps the secret, whatever it may be, is necessary for keeping this group together because the original structure of the Defenders during its heyday of the 1970’s – 1980’s was actually rather structure-less. It was a non-team of outsiders and independents who would come together because it fit their individual agendas. According to Fraction, that same theme will be true to this new version of the Defenders as well.

  Fraction wants to emphasize that Defenders is meant to be different than everything else coming out of Marvel.

 “They come together over the first handful of issues, and folks rotate in and rotate out, all bound together by the great mystery at the heart of the book. The idea is that, in attacking the riddle they’re presented with, Doc needs certain experts. He needs to grow the petals on his Venn diagram. Very strategic and, by the time he’s got all his Defenders on the board, we’ll have travel visas to the entirety of the Marvel Universe. At times the book feels like a travelogue.”

 This new title is the answer to the mysterious images Marvel has been taunting us with over the past few weeks. Fraction looks at it as kind of like another Avengers title like New Avengers or Secret Avengers … the “Weird Avengers.” It puts together a group of spectacular characters who, while beloved by fans, don’t have enough pull to carry their own individual series for long. By placing them all in the defenders Fraction is hoping that “there is strength in numbers.”  


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