Comic-Con 2011: IMMORTALS Cast and Crew Present Trailer and New Footage

Lytherus was on hand to cover the IMMORTALS panel at this year’s Comic-Con 2011 and have returned with a report on the panel, cast and crew, and trailer shown during the show.
Director Tarsem Singh and Producers Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnari (both famous for their work on 300) aired the 3D trailer of their new film Immortals to thunderous applause. What can only be described as a somewhere in the middle of STARZ Spartacus and 300, the trailer was visually stunning, and the 3D sublime. Singh revealed that there were many more scenes than 300 that were filmed on actual physical sets. It allowed actors to “bounce around” the set while fighting, so the visual effects specialists could know the limit of what was realistic to film. After the scenes were filmed live, Singh’s editors would layer CGI onto the actors (or visa-versa) for a look that is more real than 300, but with all the beauty of the computerized vision. And the visual element is what Singh focused on as the film was being developed, “I usually start with the good visual story…and then try to see if a script falls in”. The visuals, said Singh, lead to characters, which lead to stories.
In addition to the trailer, fans (and the actors) got a first glimpse of a masterful fight sequence between the gods and guardians of the Titans. The scene was visually stunning, from the unique landscape to the vivid ways to decapitate a bad guy in slow motion. The scene brought plenty of “ohs and ahs” (and quite a few “OUCH!”s) from the crowd, who were impressed with the smooth nature of the movement of scene – movements which could only be described as godlike.

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