Comic-Con 2011: Doctor Who Series Six Part Two Trailer Unveiled!


The cast and crew of Doctor Who were on hand at Comic-Con 2011 to host a Doctor Who panel, during which the trailer for part two of series six was revealed!

Here’s a summary of the highlights from this trailer:

  • “My time is running out…” – The Doctor
  • The 11th Doctor visits door 11 in the 11th episode
  • Churchill returns!
  • Craig, 11th’s one-time flatmate, returns!
  • Lots more Kovarian
  • An aged Amy!
  • Lots of Hitler and the Nazi party
  • We see River wearing the same eye-patch as Kovarian
  • More of the Silent
  • Cybermen return
  • The Weeping Angels
  • Handbots
  • The Doctor discovers his future death and death date
  • We return to Lake Silencio, location of the Doctor’s death from series six part one

P.S. This writer had the awesome chance to meet Matt Smith on the streets of San Diego during Comic-Con. While the actor didn’t have much time to stick around, he was incredibly friendly to chat with and stopped to take a photo. Made our night!

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