TCR: Daredevil #1, The Defining Marvel Comic of the Year


Within all the Marvel panels at Comic-Con this week there was one running commentary  … Daredevil #1 was the best comic  to come out of Marvel this year. This was the opinion coming from the big wigs: Axel Alonso, Joe Quesada, a plethora of writers and illustrators. So of course I had to go out and plow through the exhibit isles until I found the issue.

You know what? They were right. It’s amazing. Damn it.

Well, there’s another regular $3.99 per issue I’ll be giving to Marvel. Daredevil has never particularly appealed to me as a reader. I’ve read as he crossed paths with the Avengers here and there. I’ve seen the movie. Yet, never has Matt Murdock perked my interest enough to gain my loyal attention. Until now.

Writer Mark Waid, Penciler Paolo Rivera, and inker Joe Rivera made an amazing team. The story was interesting, well-paced, and well-written. The feel was almost vintage. I felt like I was reading a classic comic from the 70s, but yet it was intriguingly violent and witty in a modern type of way. The art matched the feel of the writing perfectly. Everything was in sync. The art was simple, without pretention or overt detail that could possibly take away from the main story. It told the story without unnecessary distraction. I loved it.

Matt Murdock, prosecution lawyer by day was revealed as Daredevil, the controversial vigilante of the streets by night. This happened quite a while ago in the Marvel Universe. This issue of Daredevil brought the superhero back to the main stream of things. Matt stepped back into his role both as public prosecutor and as superhero in one foul swoop. The speculation still stands – Matt is Daredevil. And people can’t stop talking about it or using it against him on the court floor. This, of course, causes some problems. But Murdock is determined that these occurrences will no longer get in the way of his professional life, or his responsibilities as an underground, street-level hero. This book is gritty, in a fun type of way. Such a bi-polar description should not be possible in a comic, yet it is. Gritty fun – that’s exactly what this book is.

I just developed a crush on Daredevil. As I watched the big-wigs at Marvel gush over this book, unable to state why they truly loved it – I thought they were a little ridiculous. They wanted to sell I title. I get it. But honestly, I have to agree. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Best Marvel book of the year? Maybe. It enticed a non-Daredevil fan to cross over. I recommend this book whole heartedly. It made me block out all the other clutter and fuss of Comic-Cont to focus on this one story. Job well done, Marvel. Job well done.


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