Comic-Con 2011: Day Two Summary, Including Panels, Celebrities, and More!


The Lytherus staff were on hand at day two of Comic-Con to cover the biggest panels, signings, and events on the show floor. Our staff have summarized their thoughts and experiences from the official first day of the convention so that our readers can experience the show through our eyes. Today’s events included some hugely anticipated panels, including True Blood, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and more!

Bryce Hilton, anime and video games blogger for

We started off day two by splitting up right when we got to the convention. One of our writers went straight for the enormous Hall H line to get into the True Blood panel. He succeeded in entering the hall after several hours. I actually spent most of day two walking around the Exibit Hall.

My first stop was the Nintendo Lounge to pick up one of the Legend of Zelda t-shirts they were giving out, having missed it the first day. After about an hour of playing their Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus, and Starfox 64 3D demos, I went back to the main hall. I was seriously playing Kid Icarus for about 10 minutes before one of the Nintendo reps told me I should be using the stylus; this immediately improved my gameplay. I cannot wait for these games to launch.

Again, after hours of mindlessly wandering the main floor, I hit up the Viz Media and Shonen Jump panels back-to-back. Viz now offers a “buy once, read anywhere” digital manga through their website. Once you purchase a digital manga, you can view it on any compatible device from iPhones to Androids to your computer. Immediately following the Viz Media panel was the Shonen Jump panel, where they informed us that Junko Takeuchi will be a guest at this year’s New York Comic-Con. She is the voice actor for Naruto, if you did not know.

That’s about it for the highlights on day two. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s Adventure Time and The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra panels.

Shaun Hilton, video games blogger for

Day two was pretty uneventful for me.  Considering I had to stand in a massive line made up of over 4000 people just to get into the big convention room.  It ended up paying off in the end though.  The first panel I sat through was the Eureka panel.  Never having watched the show before, I didn’t know what exactly was going on, but I can say that after sitting through the panel, I will now be checking out the series on Netflix.  It looked way too interesting to pass up.

Immediately afterwards was the Warehouse 13 panel.  I am sorry to say that I have never watched this series either (I know, shame on me).  Just like Eureka, I am definitely inclined to check this show out very soon.  The cast of the show seems just too awesome, especially with Felicia Day coming on board.  The cast was very entertaining as they cracked jokes to one another the entire time, especially when they told us about their “no douchebags allowed” policy.

My favorite part of the entire day was the True Blood panel for sure.  Being one of my favorite shows (and the sole reason I stood in a 7 hour line) I was rather excited when 95% of the cast showed up on stage to answer our questions.  I also found it quite funny how easily embarrassed Anna Paquin got when awkward questions were brought up.

Afterwards I was given the opportunity to screen the movie Griff the Invisible.  The coolest part about the movie was the fact that we got to watch it with the director in the same room.  They also included the band that made the soundtrack giving us a live performance before the show.

Now that day two has come to a close, I definitely need to get some sleep so I can fully enjoy the activities tomorrow brings! Stay tuned!





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