Comic-Con 2011: Experience Day One Through the Eyes of Our Writers!


The staff of Lytherus are on hand at this year’s Comic-Con to report back on the latest news and events from the world-famous pop culture convention! Our staff have summarized their thoughts and experiences from the official first day of the convention so that our readers can experience the show through our eyes. Aside from Mike Macauley (who will not be writing a day one summary, as his experiences were all chronicled on, Comic-Con 2011 marks the first year in attendance for our staff.

Enjoy a glimpse through our eyes during one of the most massive conventions on the planet!

Jackie Krah, comics and movie blogger for

Comic-Con is this particular nerd’s dream come true. Everyone has that thing that pushes his or her geek button, and this place is my Mecca of geek-mania. In one day I was able to get my picture with Joe Quesada (former Editor-in-chief and current Chief Creative Officer of Marvel), found about 75% of the comics I’ve been searching to add to my collection for a long time, and went to four different panels – each of which was excellent and will have a wonderfully positive influence on my future posting efforts for Lytherus.

The first panel that I attended was titled “Oh, You Sexy Geek!” This panel asked the question “Does displaying the sexiness of fangirls benefit or demean them? When geek girls show off, are they liberating themselves or pandering to men?” Do some “fake fangirls” blend sex appeal with nerdiness just to appeal to the growing geek/nerd market, or is that question itself unfair?”

The panel for this discussion included Katrina Hill (, Bonnie Burton (, Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model), Clare Grant (Team Unicorn, G33K & G4m3r Girls) Kiala Kazebee (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jill Pantozzi (Has Boobs, Reads Comics), Jennifer K. Stuller (Ink-Stained Amazons), and Chris Gore (G4TV’s Attack of the Show!) A surprise guest also made some spectacular comments: Seth Green stood up from his place in the audience, taking the mike from these panelists, which he seemed to know quite well, in order to make some observations of his own.

This panel was funny, thought-provoking, and inspiring. In fact it was inspiring enough to truly kick me in the ass to finish that Women and Comics editorial series that I have been ignoring for months. The conclusion of the discussion was certainly satisfactory: do whatever you want and wear whatever you want just as long as you are being sincere about it. Go forth and proudly promote those characters who make your life a little less boring. Dress up as Wonder Woman and vacuum your house if it makes your life a little less mundane! Whether it’s sexy slave Leia or Jabba the Hut that makes you happy, as long as you are sincere in your love then more power to you!

I also attended the “Dark Horse: Fall Publishing Highlights”, which I will be reporting on tomorrow once some more information comes to light. But I will say that it was a GREAT panel including P.C. Cast (The House of Night), Tom Morello (Orchid), and The Hobbit screenplay writer Guillermo del Toro (The Strain).
It’s always nice to meet and see people who understand why you are breathlessly and almost manically talking about the awesome-ocity levels of things that excite you just so darn much. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Shaun Hilton, video games blogger for

Oh man, what to say about day one here at Comic-Con. I am just so glad we have more than one day to soak everything in.  We started by demo-ing a highly anticipated title for me, Gears of War 3.  Just to be able to play with other people and demolish the enemies in a few rounds of Horde was truly epic.  There is nothing better than running up to your enemy with your Lancer revved up and sawing them in half.

It was also a very pleasant surprise when we checked out the gameplay trailer for Saints Row: The Third.   The changes for the free roaming to this game are both awesome and hilarious.  You still have the ability to run around and take out whoever you please, but this time, you get to add some awesome flair to the mix.

I loved the fact that anywhere you go, something awesome is going down.  There are easily over 100 panels that happen on a daily basis so picking favorites to attend was a chore.  To be in the same room with people who are interested in the same things you are, definitely brings a positive energy to the mix and keeps this very exciting.

Don’t get me wrong, even after day one, it is quite exhausting.  Walking back and forth, up and down each and every aisle in this convention center really does a toll on your feet. Especially when you are lugging around a giant bag of goodies that grow larger by the minute.

There is just so much to do in this mile long convention center that it is really hard to get everything done in one day (good thing we have 4)!

Bryce Hilton, anime and video games blogger for

I was very excited to have be able to go to Comic-Con for my first time today. Not knowing what to expect, I followed my veterean convention guide.

After picking up our passes on Wednesday, the preview night, we managed to beat the crowds to the gamer’s corner of the Con and tried out some Gears of War 3 and did some wandering around the convention for a while.

The first thing we checked out was the Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs Zombies Panel. If you have never seen Deadliest Warrior, they essential take two great warrior classes and scientifically generate a battle simulation between the two to see determine a winner. The show has several successful seasons under its belt with episodes including Spartans vs Ninjas and Mafia vs Yakuza. The panel was a preview of the upcoming Vampires vs Zombies episode. From what we saw, it is going to be a pretty epic battle.

After the Deadliest Warrior panel, we had some free time to check out the convention. With literally a countless number of booths, it can be overwhelming. We spent most of the day just wandering from booth to booth to see what was going down at each station, collecting a plethora of free posters and swag on the way.

I found that I spent most of my time in what I refer to as the “shopping district” of the convention. There were literally hundreds of things I wanted to buy, from t-shirts to action figures — there is no shortage of collectibles at Comic-Con. We ended day one catching the end of the Adventure Time parade. Overall, my first experience at Comic-Con was a good one. If you haven’t yet been, it is definitely worth going.


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