Animated Hunger Games Logo and Movie Poster Officially Released

Lionsgate has officially released the Hunger Games movie logo — and it’s animated! The logo/animated poster features the mockingjay pin from the books’ covers as it is on fire. The film’s tagline — “May the odds be ever in your favor” — is featured on the poster.

Check it out below:

Posted on by Mike Macauley

  • Anonymous

    Wicked sick poster!

    • Lauren Zurchin

      agreed! This is pretty amazing.

  • Orayelle

    Okay… Looks just like a plain, white page to me! Does it require flash or something? I’m on an iPad so flash doesn’t work, but you’d think I’d see something?!

  • Allalea96

    awesome post. You can also find the countdown at

  • Laurelleaf9

    SWEET!!! the animations great!