AMD Claims That ‘Xbox 720’ Graphics Will Be Equivalent to Avatar!


As we know, as each successive generation of gaming consoles come out, developers constantly try to raise the bar higher with the current technology. Xbox 720 will be no different.  While we already see constant changes of gameplay and A.I., it is always the update in graphical quality that gets the most noticeable change.  Although, gamers cannot fathom what the next big jump in technology will  be, AMD  have weighed in on what the next generation Microsoft consoles may hold.

Best known for their high-end PC GPUs, AMD was also the main company behind the graphics hardware that powered the Xbox 360. With all the recent rumors regarding the next generation of gaming consoles, AMD states that the graphics on the Xbox 720 will be equivalent to those of the James Cameron movie Avatar.

Being only a matter of time before we see the enhanced graphical quality of video games that reach the high-end CGI exhibited in Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar, it is hard to know whether or not AMD’s statement is more of an exaggeration rather than truth.  Right now, gamers only need to look at the most current PC games to see that even with superior technology backing their machines, graphics like Avatar are still nowhere to be seen.

This is not to say that they will not be capable of graphics of this quality in the future, but it seems unlikely that consoles will see a jump in graphics that greatly surpasses those of the PC anytime soon. Only time will tell though.


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