The Most Anticipated ‘Minecraft’ Update Will Be Playable At PAX!


Minecraft has easily become one of the most instantly recognizable games of all time, whether it is among us gamers or not.  Even though it still has yet to release an official full version, Minecraft is constantly receiving updates that keep it ever-so-popular.  However, the upcoming adventure update, looks like it will be the most exciting addition yet.

Minecraft has certainly never gave us a shortage of things to do and build, one of the biggest requests gamers have been asking for is some sort of story line or progression.  Welcome to update 1.8.  Even though it is quite far from releasing, gamers are drooling over the idea of leveling a character, encountering NPC’s and seeing how the game will change to make it much more rewarding.

For those who simply cannot wait to get their hands on this update, don’t fear, you are in luck.  Notch has announce in a recent tweet that Minecraft Adventure Update will be able to be played at Mojang’s booth at this year’s PAX.  Unforunately, this is the only information we are given at the time, but there is no doubt that the demand to play this demo of Minecrafts largest update is extremely high.

In reality, it is probably quite a while before the 1.8 update is officially released and PAX doesn’t even start until August 26th.  With the recent 1.7 update and the implemantation of pistons, there is still a ton of stuff for gamer to tinker with while they wait.  Minecraft has recently surpassed 10 million registered users. With a fan base that large, it is clear that Mincraft will not be going anywhere for awhile and the adventure update is only the beginning.

Minecraft is currently still in beta and is set to officially release on November 11, 2011.


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