Bruce Campbell Confirms EVIL DEAD Remake in the Works


A twitter post via horror legen Bruce Campbell confirms the fourth Evil Dead movie is in the works, and it is a remake!

“Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell.” – Campbell’s tweet

The post was in response to a horror movie blogger who stated that he wouldn’t believe in the remake till he heard it straight from Bruce himself. Of course many fans are nervous about the quality of the movie specifically due to the dreaded word, “remake.” But the longtime series editor Bob Murawski claims that it will be  a small, indie film like the first two were.

Changes will occur, though. While series writer/director Sam Raimi will not be taking on his usual ‘lead the charge’ position, he will be acting is some creative role according Bloody Disguisting. Instead, this new installment of the series will be directed by Frederico Alvarez. The new Evil Dead movie will be Alvarez’s first film done under Raimi’s horror film label, Ghost House Pictures. But he already has a some street cred. with a short film that he directed titled Panic Attack!, which you can view here:


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