I Spy, With My Riddle Eye… A New Batman: Arkham City Trailer Released! Featuring the Riddler!


Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive have given us a new trailer for the upcoming title Batman: Arkham City.  In this trailer, the Riddler gets shown off and lets us gamers get a sneak peek of the expanded role he will play in this game.  The Riddler is really upping his game this time around, not only making the trophies much more difficult to collect, but he is also really upping the danger level for Batman and the innocent people in the City. 

Everywhere from navigating the city with Batman’s grappling hook, to gliding above buildings in search for thsoe Riddler trophies, Arkham City is looking to deliver a much deeper, more variety and intense single-player experience.  If this game is everything is has been hyped up to be, Arkham City will be a real treat when it hits shelves.

Check out the new trailer and see for yourself the intensity:


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