Can’t Wait For Mass Effect 3? A Demo Might Be On Its Way!


Mass Effect 3 instantly jumped from this year’s most anticipated game to next year’s when it got annouced that it would be hitting shelves early in 2012.  News like this forces gamers to wait just a bit longer to get their hands on such brilliant game.

Well, according to game director, Casey Hudson, we may actually be given a chance to run around as Commander Shepard before the final fame is released.  Hudson dropped a brief tease in a recent Tweet that there might be more news about a Mass Effect 3 demo coming in the next few months. 

As we know, Twitter keeps their updates to a 140-character maximum, so Hudson had to carefully choose his words and didn’t give much more details other than that.  If we are lucky, BioWare will be dropping a lot more news in order to prep us for what is to come.

Or course, we are left to wonder which system we will be able to try out ME3 on, considering it is a multi-platform simultaneous release.  It is highly possible and likely that  we will also see a multi-platform demo release.

Still, with the game’s release more than half a year away, and a ton of triple-A titles set to release before 2011 is up, it might be a bit early for talk of a Mass Effect demo.

The best way to build up anticipation for ME3 (as if we aren’t excited enough) would be to release the three walkthroughs that E3 2011 attendess were able to try out behind closed doors. I mean, come on, it definitely helped BioShock: Infinite bring the experience to the event of gamers, why would Electronic Arts follow suit?t.

Either way, gamers could do with a little bit more information on the crew of the spaceship Normandy whether it’s from hands-on experience or not.

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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